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We offer a personalised range of services:

Choose from a wide range of possibilities to personalise the learning opportunities at your site to
achieve positive mathematically strong learning environments through weaving TfEL, The Australian Curriculum, Proficiencies and General Capabilities together.

2. PLAN MY MATHS book and folder
Plan My Maths Content Overview book is developed from ACARA strands and contains the intentions of the Content Descriptors, Elaborations and the Achievement Standards.
It will support  teachers to understand the depth and breadth of  possible learning.

Plan My Maths folder offers a range of proformas and structures and information for planning, tracking, assessment and reporting.

Sections include  

  • Structures for mathematics sessions
  • Understanding Proficiencies
  • Multi week planner
  • Short term action plans
  • Quick Think Maths generating ideas 
  • Core Learning intentions
  • Personal Maths possible investigations , applying mathematics
  • Assessment, prior, during and after
  • Tracking learning, learning quilts, templates
3. TRACK MY MATHS DATABASE   Foundation – Year 9 – Plan and track learning
This database has been developed using learning descriptions from Foundation to Year 9 that clarify the learning intent of the Australian Curriculum and provide a structure
for planning, collecting and recording student progress data. This can allow clear communication and transfer of information about progress and student learning needs across the site.
 Wide range of commercial Maths equipment and specifically designed and produced resources by Maths In Focus available, great prices delivered to your door.
Sorting and organizing current Maths equipment across the school into clearly labelled, stackable containers gives students and staff equitable access.
School receives copies of the audit and future budget considerations.

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