Organizing Maths Equipment

“Access to Maths equipment is central to learning”

We can organise the following to make that happen…

Sorting and organizing your current Maths equipment in stackable, clearly labelled, uniform containers to give students and staff easy access.


– distribute maths containers across classes so equipment is relevant for all age groups
– colour code containers to clearly show where they belong in the school
– allocate some resources for central storage if that suits the needs of the site
– identify additional Maths equipment required to support learning across all strands
– develop a possible forward budget to cover gaps and meet with leadership to discuss
– supply any new equipment if chosen from proposed items
– provide paperwork for classroom annual inventory of Maths equipment
– complete an excel spreadsheet showing location details for current resources
– offer workshops to increase staff knowledge and confidence in multi use of Maths equipment

Contact us for pricing to organise your Maths equipment.