Plan My Maths

 Maths Content Overview Booklet – $75Plan My Maths Cover Folder

The Maths Content Overview book developed by Rosslyn Shepherd explicitly links to he Australian Curriculum Mathematics strands


These content strands describe what is to be taught and learnt and the book details the developmental learning intentions, indicating
when they are Core Learning. Where possible the strands can be integrated when designing learning using the Plan My Maths folder.

Plan My Maths Folder – $50 Plan My Maths Cover Folder

The Plan My Maths folder is designed to be used in conjunction with the Maths Content Overview book taking into account the Proficiencies of Fluency, Understanding, Reasoning and Problem solving.

It includes a range of structures and formats to support teachers planning –

  • Multi week and short term planning templates
  • Ideas for Quick Think Maths, Core Learning and Personal Maths
  • Examples of Learning quilts, self assessment and feedback proformas