Professional Learning

“To confidently link the Australian Curriculum and TfEL”


Weaving together current research findings , ACARA and TfEL with site specific needs for all learners – staff, students and parents through –

Consultancy, Workshops – long or short term
Pupil Free Days, Staff meetings, Professional Learning Circles, individual Staff or Parents

Partnerships, Leaders, Teachers or Support Staff

Using student centred processes, show casing equipment based approach, providing feedback and
reflecting on the session with the teacher

Observation in classes
with constructive feedback and discussions to develop future plans

Sessions can be planned to focus on…

– confident use of the Australian Curriculum to plan, differentiate and personalize maths learning
– trialling different structures to maximise learning through productive use of maths 300 minutes
– understanding the connections, and the difference, between Numeracy and Mathematics
– establishing effective learning environments– weaving together TfEL and ACARA
– assessment for learning, planning, collecting evidence, recording and tracking growth
– grouping with purpose to differentiate and meet the needs of individual learners
– developing consistent language and expectations across the site
– multi use of mathematics equipment

OR your idea or questions as starting points…

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