Track My Maths

“An innovative, new system to track student progress in Mathematics”

This new resource has several components:


  • TRACK MY MATHS – Online Database
  • TRACK MY MATHS – Staff Book
  • TRACK MY MATHS – Student Book

TRACK MY MATHS – Online Database
The database reflects the Australian Curriculum and works in conjunction with the Mathematics Content Overview book. The two link together in format and structure allowing a whole school approach to data collection so the progress of all learners can be tracked using consistent, common language. The database is securely hosted in Australia using Enterprise grade servers with guaranteed 99.9% uptime to:

  • track learning growth from Foundation-Year 9TrackMyMaths-Website1
  • generate accurate progress data
  • support planning differentiation for groups and individuals
  • share students learning from one year to the next
  • identify aspects that need differentiation or focussed learning

To view the database visit —

TRACK MY MATHS – Staff Book F-Y9
The staff tracking book is a paper version of the database with student names inserted, but of course without the potential to allow documented records to follow the student each year. Some staff prefer to use the book and transfer to database later.

TRACK MY MATHS – Student Book F-Y9
The student tracking book supports learning differentiation in partnerships between teacher and student. Students use the Track My Maths book in discussions about possible learning opportunities, document progress and use as a reference when setting criteria for success or self and peer assessment.

The Maths Content Overview book links explicitly to all the Tracking structures explained above. More information in Plan My Maths section.

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